Flying Turtles

Actually these are pelicans, but they look like flying turtles for some reason. Fly my little turtle fly. Don’t make me get my flying monkeys after you.

So, in the treasure hunting category I found another wallet. I took it to the police station, which was open because it was a week day. I did look inside at the driver’s license. It belonged to a local. The lady at the station said an officer would drive it over the him. Hope so. Here is the found stuff so far:
2 sets of keys
2 wallets
1 gold chain
1 metal buoy from Japan

More treasure hunting today. In reverse treasure hunting, the Big Guy and his brother found my hat in a parking garage where I had dropped it. I was glad to have it back, and had not even missed it. It is orange, and hard to miss. Love that hat. It apparently does not love me back.



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5 responses to “Flying Turtles

  1. One of them looks like lonesome George who died recently.

  2. Where did you drop your hat? I thought your town was too small to have parking garages. That’s amazing that they spotted it though.

    • Nada

      I dropped my hat in the parking garage at the Daly City theater. The guys went to a movie and I went to get on the BART to go see my opthamologist, Dr. Reader. No joke. That’s his name. Nice guy and great doc.

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