Call Me Lovey, Just Not to My Face

This picture makes me want to call this dog Lovey, even though his real name is Snappy aka Tiny aka Poodleman aka Scrappy aka… on and on. I think (but am no longer positive) that his real name is Liversnap. He has more nicknames that anyone I know.

He and I have been at odds for a while because he tried to bite The Little Dog in the face while she was trying to die. I was mad at him, but we made up yesterday. How? By doing what he is doing in the picture. Being the Poodleman.

Yesterday, he tried to roll on a dead bird on Rockaway Beach. I had to thunder across the sand like a bull elephant to stop him. He looked at me like “What? I need some dead bird perfume. Eau du rotting flesh rolled lightly upon my fair fur.” Poodleman’s attempted dead bird rolling reminded me of the last time I walked my other favorite pooch Ziggy aka Zigman aka Zigmeister. Ziggy found some ivy to roll on. I was laughing away at how cute he was until he rolled so hard he flung some runny cat poo on me. Yup. It was hidden in the ivy. Lesson learned: Beware of the rolling wants of small dogs. It is never a good thing.



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11 responses to “Call Me Lovey, Just Not to My Face

  1. The little ones are full of surprises.

    • Nada

      They are funny. That’s for sure, though I could without the rolling in gross, smelly stuff. Dinky was very fastidious and never even let one paw touch anything nasty.

  2. Thank goodness you prevented him from rolling in that bird! Last time he rolled in a dead rat, it took me forever to get the scent off. I wish he were tidy like Miss Dinky.

  3. Donna

    Daisy loves to roll in dead stuff too… We’ve had dead baby birds, dead fish and dead slugs. She thinks it’s Chanel No. 5 for dogs. She prefers, I’d the truth be known, dead things to roll about in… But If nothing recently deceased is around she’ll settle for fox or badger poo and wears the stinking streaks with pride. Good job I love my dog.

  4. Snap’s favorite is goat poop. He did some skunk the other day at Redwood though. Very distinctive smell, that scat!

  5. AZ

    Makes me wonder maybe OCD ravaged humans come back in another life as poo and carrion loving fur buddies, if that’s the case I’m gonna roll in the stinkiest pile I can find, and wear the stench with pride. Yep, me and Howard Hughes will be stink buddies.

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