Flying solo…

This pelican was flying solo around Mori Point and the pier. He was fishing. Mostly, I see pelicans in this area traveling in flocks, flying in formation over the ocean. Lately I’ve been seeing these solo pelicans, circling in the air above the surfers off Linda Mar Beach. The solo pelicans occasionally drop from the sky like a rock. I suppose they see a fish in the water. They are very ungraceful when they plunge out of the sky onto the surface of the ocean. They look like something has gone drastically wrong – a bird heart attack – loss of power to their main engines – something. They simply drop beak down. Then, they float around like a duck in the ocean for a while, as if to say, “Nothing to see here. That was all intentional.”

I did see a group of surfers staring at one of the solo pelicans who kept body slamming the ocean a little too close to where the gaggle of surfers were all sitting on their surf boards. If I were them, I would be afraid of some nearsighted pelican mistaking their wet suit for a big slimy black fish and accidentally body slamming them.



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4 responses to “Flying solo…

  1. Bold birds, but they have to eat.

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