This picture is hanging on the wall in one of my neurologist’s examining rooms. Is it comforting? No. Not in the least. Looks like someone is being tortured neurologically. Plus – who knew the brain had an anus – or a brainus, as bakingnotwriting suggested. Yes, I did write “brainus” on the picture so there would be no mistaking it. Yes, the staff did catch me taking a this picture because I forgot to close the door when I went into the examining room. Not that it matters. Everyone who sees a neurologist is bat shit crazy. Me included. The waiting room might as well be named the Loony Bin.



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7 responses to “Brainus

  1. I guess you could say all of our brains have one of those anus things.

  2. AZ

    In a blinding flash everything becomes perfectly clear; I know why they refer to some people as ass hats it’s because a hat covers the brainus.

  3. BigGuy

    could I have 2 of those? my brain drains quickly.

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