Where Have I Been?

Here, trying to find out what is wrong with me. Yup. I don’t know how many parts in my cheap ass body are going to run amok. Now? My heart. “What’s wrong,” you ask? I wouldn’t call it a heart attack, but it’s some sort of episodic event where my heart stops for a while and takes a siesta. Then, it tries to catch up. My arm hurts. My head wants to explode. I think I’m dying. Is that dramatic enough? Probably not. Because about the time I think I need to either halt the BART for a medical emergency or wake The Big Guy up to go to the ER, the whole episode quits abruptly like, “Nothing going on here.”

So my GP ordered a 24 heart monitor from Seton Hospital. Honestly, I would leave Seton’s name off all of this, but this is the second totally incompetent encounter I have had with them. First time was in the ER for a migraine. I left there in worse condition than I checked in. The ER doctor prescribed Compazine for my migraine. She might as well have farted in my face.

This time Seton gave me a heart monitor that not only didn’t monitor jack but burned me where the electrodes were placed on my skin. It also screamed a couple of times in the night to the point I thought the tsunami siren was going off. Do you have any idea how disorienting that is to have something screaming in bed with you. Okay. Maybe you do, but it’s not that kind of screaming. It’s screaming like the end of the world is near.

Tuesday, when I went to get the heart monitor removed, the tech said, “Oh no. The monitors never scream. They don’t make any noise.” Then she took it off my chest and said, “Hmmm, it didn’t work. The data’s corrupted,” and finally, “The data’s not there.” She said she needed to reattach the faulty (homicidal maniac) monitor back on my chest. I suppose to burn me some more, wake me up at night, and to NOT capture data. I told her, “No,” and left. Okay, not exactly like that. I said, “Hell no. Shit no. Screw you. I have flying monkeys I will use on you if you don’t leave me alone.” She, in turn, called my GP, and indicated I was not co-operating with her little experiment akin to waterboarding.

So, today, I saw a cardiologist that my GP decided to send me to. Now I’m at home with another heart monitor attached to my chest. Another one. I take it back tomorrow to another hospital – not Seton.



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4 responses to “Where Have I Been?

  1. I hope this one works okay. Take care of yourself.

  2. AZ

    My best friend just went through something similar; she did have a minor heart attack, but after months of doctor’s visits and a heart monitor she, not the doctors, came to the conclusion that her medications had something to do with her lowered heart rate. She was on several medications and she monitored them closely because one of the meds that controls her tremors (a la Katharine Hepburn) and she likes to keep dosage to a minimum since she’s going to be on them the rest of her life. Anyhoo somewhere in the mix they put her on water pills to control her blood pressure, and when they did she started feeling dizzy, so being the smart cookie she is she made note of the new side effect. So long story short, her heart problems were caused by a combination of the meds she was on, and after some major dosage changes her heart rate and blood pressure returned to normal and she hasn’t had any issues since.

    • Nada

      Everyone is suspicious of my medications too – particularly me. We have not ruled them out and two of them are under scrutiny. I am really suspicious of my anti-seizure drugs. There is supposed to be this blood brain barrier which has really ever worked for me, so I think somehow the anti-seizure drug is affected the electrical part of my heart.

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