Creepy Signs

I think both these signs are where they are because something very bad has happened.



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6 responses to “Creepy Signs

  1. The ‘Safe Surrender Site’ is less creepy in some ways. It’s a CA law that infants can be left at such places (fire stations, etc.) no questions asked, to prevent people from doing something rash/stupid when they’re faced with a newborn. Creepy that it’s needed, but better they can be cared for instead of left to the wolves or dumped in the trash.

  2. Nada

    Both signs made me inexplicably sad, and I knew they were posted in those exact spots because something had transpired there that shouldn’t have. The baby drop sign wasn’t at the entrance to the hospital. It was at a back emergency door. I am aware of the Safe Surrender law, but this particular sign at this entrance/exit just made me shudder.

  3. I would guess they would post it in the rear for privacy of the person dropping off the baby, but it doesn’t make since to me.

  4. AZ

    I wonder why the signs aren’t posted in six different languages including braille. Speaking of signs my ex, the southern boy, used to love peeing on signs that said “RESTROOM.” He figured the sign was as good as the real thing O.o !

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