House for Sale, Pre-poo-ed

House for sale with realtor website here.

I was looking at it because it’s in an area I like. It’s affordable. This is currently, as of today, the last picture in the realtor’s series for that house.

Special deal. Poo is already there. In the yard.

Perhaps the realtor will remove the poo picture after his website gets a few hits. But then, why’d he include the picture in the first place. Hell – why’d he take it?

Yes, it does look like deer crap, not that I’m a feces expert, but sometimes I like to think I’m a female Davy Crockett – backwoods(wo)man trapped in Pacifica due to present day circumstances that mostly involve modern day conveniences, like ice cream, and the lack of long rifles.



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10 responses to “House for Sale, Pre-poo-ed

  1. That is SO deer crap!!! I bet they took it because they were having a dispute with someone about whether or not the deer were actually coming into the yard — and then they forgot and forwarded it to the realtor with the other pictures of the house. What a catch!

  2. Vicki

    This is a riot! I’d ask them if the poop is included in the price or if the owner will reduce the price if they take it with them. Either way, that house looks like it’s going to get buried in a mudslide any minute.

    • Nada

      Hilarious. Poop or de-pooped pricing.

      I agree about the mudslide aspect of this home too. It looks like the hill is overtaking the residence. Anyway, I don’t want it – too much hill and scat.

  3. AZ

    The real estate ad did mention “wildlife” so I guess the poop pic was hard evidence that the area is indeed inhabited by “wildlife.” I’m always into photographing animals so I would consider “wildlife” a plus!

    • Nada

      That is the best and most logical explanation. If I were the realtor, I still would have dropped some comment on the photo like “evidence of wildlife” because right now I think the message is “load of crap.”

  4. BigGuy

    I like raisinettes too

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