Welcome to California

He’s a California Harbor Seal, and if he could talk he would say, “Welcome to California. Lie on your back in the sun for a while. And smile.”



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10 responses to “Welcome to California

  1. I decided he was a she…Based on no information, except I think she is sort of petite for a Pacific Harbor Seal and therefore, a lady. She was definitely the nicest Harbor Seal I have ever met. No amount of yapping dog disturbed her. Nor did she object to my yapping at her during her nap. She would open her eyes politely and then go right back to sleep.

  2. Nada

    She is a greeter. Most greeters are very nice. thanks for the photo too. It is extra wonderful.

  3. AZ

    She looks like a youngster maybe she hasn’t had much contact with humans that’s why she isn’t afraid.

    • Nada

      When we went to see Hearst Castle, there was a pull off somewhere along the way, where about a hundred harbor seals had beached themselves…to lie on the sun. They seemed oblivious to all the human spectators too. It was odd. Still, I do think this gal is young. I love her little smile.

  4. My brother took the photo — with his phone of all things! So I can’t take credit. Although I did bug him to take the photo and kept nagging him to send it to me. I’ve never seen a Pacific Harbor Seal up close. Ever. She probably is a baby seal (per AZ), which explains her lack of concern about me — and the dogs. Her hang out is inches from the fence of the dog park near my brother’s house and the dogs bark at her and she ignores them.

  5. Your brother got a nice photo.

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