Venus Flytrap

My cousin gave me this Venus Flytrap because she was visiting here, and we have a plethora of flies in the house because I leave the doors open, and we don’t have any screen doors. The flies in the house don’t bother me. They form a cyclone and circle each other in the living room like tiny planes, looking for a place to land but the tower won’t clear them. I don’t care about them. But generally speaking, guests do. They make comments. They buy Flytraps.

I do love the little Flytrap. He sits in the window like he is proud to he here, but I have come to the conclusion that either the flies are wise to his game or he is lazy. He makes no special effort to catch his meals. My cousin, who bought the plant for me, said the flies will be attracted to him. No, they are not. If anything they steer clear of the Flytrap and his little clever snap like fronds.

So, I remarked to the Big Guy, “If the Flytrap needs flies to survive, he is going to starve to death.” Last night, the Big Guy stunned a fly and threw it at the little plant. The plant tried to grab it but being inexperienced in snapping shut, the plant fumbled his fly. The Big Guy had to catch it again and throw it at the plant. The Flytrap caught it that time and caught it quickly. The Big Guy said, “You wouldn’t believe how quickly the trap snapped shut. You should stick your finger in there.”



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5 responses to “Venus Flytrap

  1. Is that a fly in one of the traps?

  2. AZ

    Fernando Flytrap says: “Nom nom nom — tastes a little shitty — nom nom nom!”

  3. I can’t believe the Big Guy said, “Stick your finger in there!” Or maybe I can! 🙂

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