Chevron Refinery Fire

The big news here is the Chevron refinery fire yesterday in Richmond. It was first reported there was no explosion. But there was. And fire. And flames. And smoke. Google it and read about it. The LA Times is already saying the price of gas in California will go up because of the refinery shutting down for repairs. Really? Chevron, you just need to suck it up.



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7 responses to “Chevron Refinery Fire

  1. AZ

    Great, just great, Significant Other’s favorite gas station is Chevron! It takes over $100 to fill up the ol’ gas guzzler now, so I guess we’re staying close to home.

    • Nada

      It’s a mess, isn’t it? There was some worse pictures but I settled on this one with the view of Alcatraz in the foreground.

  2. They will use another excuse to jack up the profits.

  3. Apparently, they should have shut down before the 4 explosions — as soon as they noticed the leak.

    • Nada

      You would think, but I guess they preferred 4 explosions. There’s also a burned truck in some of the photos. So that probably made a nice little explosion when the gas tank blew.

  4. Nada

    Oh Lordie, some humorless people certainly troll the internet hiding behind their supposed anonymity in Pleasanton. I never feed the trolls here. Reported you as spam.

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