What Nasa is up to

There’s some joke in here, between the Chevron refinery explosion and the Nasa lander one, but I can’t think of it.

All I could think of was: You know those valet parkers at the fancy restaurants? Well, they’re working at Nasa now parking landers into the pavement.

Not funny, huh?



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8 responses to “What Nasa is up to

  1. It would be funny if it wasn’t our tax dollars that blew up. Have you went over to the Chevron claim office yet? Lots of folks looking for a handout. Reading about it and seeing it in the news hurt my eyes. Wonder how much that would be worth.

    • Nada

      I saw a picture of a line of some folks outside a lawyer’s office who had hung a cardboard sign in his window that read “Chevron claims here.” I claim trauma…all the way here in Pacifica. Trauma from looking at that picture.

  2. AZ

    Not to worry it was ONLY worth 7 million dollars. 😦

  3. BigGuy

    dear NASA, can I get a lift for 10 feet down the road to go to a BBQ?

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