Horses, or the lack thereof

From the Sherlock Holmes movie, “A Game of Shadows

I laughed my butt off at this scene, only because it’s all too familiar. One summer when I was a child, my cousins decided to take me out West with them. We went to Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming. All my cousins wanted to do was trail ride. I was floored. I lived on a farm with one fat assed angry brood mare and five ponies – 4 for cart pulling and 1 for horseback riding. The last thing I wanted to do was tangle with another angry brood mare or an ornery pony. I refused. But. They were all going. So. I picked a little black pony from the stable while everyone else picked a horse.

Not until I saw this clip, did I realize how funny it actually was me trotting behind everyone else. And to top it off, my little pony was a mean little shit, like ponies can be. His specialty was biting the bigger horses on the rump when he caught up with one of them. Then, when they kicked him for the bite, he bucked like a full size bronco and tried to run. Needless to say, the Jackson Hole trail rides cemented my distaste for anything equestrian.

Still. My cousin texted me this today. The miniature horse living on the farm adjacent to hers. I love him because I can’t ride him. He’s like a dog. His name is Piper.



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4 responses to “Horses, or the lack thereof

  1. AZ

    I like horses because they like to get even; they don’t just allow saddles to be put on their backs and then let you climb aboard and ride, they look for little ways to get even for having to haul you ass around. Some of my favorites are: “Oh! I didn’t see your foot there or I wouldn’t have put my hoof of top of your foot!” Yeah, I’d believe that if it didn’t happen six times in one afternoon. “Oh golly how did I miss seeing that low hanging branch I really didn’t mean to bonk your head on it?” I’d believe it the first three times, but the fourth time, not so much.” Then there’s the Arizona favorite: “Cholla? Was that cholla? I had no idea or I wouldn’t have brushed your leg up against it.” Yeah, I still have cactus needles in my boot from the last one you didn’t see; you remember that patch of cholla that was four feet tall and four feet wide.

    • So true! Call me a shallow person but this is why I like dogs. They love you and don’t try to rip your big toenail out by twisting on it with their hoof. Ugh!!

      I laughed about the cholla. I’ve never been horseback riding in AZ. A good reason not to.

      Did I tell you I have a big cholla here in front of the house we live in? My landlord asked me if I wanted him to remove it, but I told him, “no.” I like it. I’m very careful around it but I like it. Little bits of it jump on my jeans every once in a while.

  2. I did enjoy the movie. I haven’t been on a horse in years. Same for motorcycles. Probably won’t get on either again. Enjoyed your post.

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