Caption this…

My caption:
Check back there and let me know if you smell a cheeseburger.



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12 responses to “Caption this…

  1. That’s hysterical! You should enter the New Yorker Cartoon Caption contest here:

    • Nada

      Thanks. And I took the picture too. Of course, when I took it I didn’t see what these 2 imps were doing. I thought I was getting a different shot. But no. Imagine my surprise…and rude delight.

  2. Big

    “this queue to get a treat is redonculess”

  3. AZ

    Sommelier dog says: “When looking for an excellent vintage Dachshund with character, check out his backside for a robust bouquet.”

  4. Nice capture, I think. He is surely looking for something.

  5. Donna

    An upfront, fruity little number whose high notes sing of freshly cut grass and bonio. Pleasantly yeasty and full bodied. Does not disappoint.

    • Nada

      OMG!!! I laughed so hard at this. You and AZ are tied in hilarity!

      Hey Donna, I may be getting another dog. Right now, she’s up in central valley. She was a stray. Talking to a dear soul who rehomes strays and those who are on the short list at the shelter. Will drop something on the blog when it’s more firm.

      • AZ

        Woohoo! Ya gonna have a new fur buddy soon?

      • Nada

        I hope we are but not sure. I called about the little dog a couple of days ago. She has some health issues they want to clear up. I am on the waiting list. The person who has her now said, “she’s not the cutest dog you’ve ever seen but she has a heart of gold.” sounds like the perfect dog for us.

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