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10 responses to “Nevermore

  1. He is a mean looking one.

    • Nada

      He does look a bit angry but in his defense he had just finished preening. Perhaps he doesn’t like the taste of his feathers?

  2. BigGuy

    Those are some nasty looking paws on that creature. Like a Bird of Prey!

  3. AZ

    Crows always look a little bedraggled, maybe it’s their way of making people feel sorry for them and give them a handout.

    • Nada

      It’s scary how much you read my mind. I have a little crow I am feeding now called Dustin. He is missing feathers and has a gimpy leg. He is so ugly he’s cute.

      • AZ

        See, bedraggled works and Dustin knows it! What do you give a crow for snacks?

      • Nada

        I’m ashamed to say I went to the pet food store and bought some expensive parrot food made out of corn. I tried to feed them everything in Oakland and they would have none of it. But this stuff? They love. I give them a handful a day in the driveway, but I have no memory and forgot the last 2 days. Yesterday evening Dustin came by and stood on the fence cawing. I gave him some food inside the fence. He swallowed a bunch whole and when I told him to slow down, he flew off, angry. Lesson learned. Don’t reprimand the ugly crow.

  4. AZ

    I found this, thought it was interesting, thought you might find it interesting too.

    • Nada

      Very good site. I had no idea about the peanuts. And in the shell. Very odd. I did not know they would cache the food either. I’ve been giving them a fixed amount mainly because the parrot food is so expensive.

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