Cuttin’ and Runnin

And so my Grief Counselor came over to play with his running buddy. Grief Counselor found an apple in the yard and tossed that around, trying to tease his running buddy.



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6 responses to “Cuttin’ and Runnin

  1. Looks like they were playing baseball. Running around the bases.

  2. AZ

    One tends to forget how long dachshunds are, and how short their legs are. Cute doggies, I could hear the neighbor’s dogs barking in the background with the two imps started barking.

    • Nada

      Sometimes both sides of the fence really go at it now. Ziggy and Maui will stand with their front legs on the fence giving the neighbor’s dogs the royal “what for?” I have to break it up because I have complained so much about the neighbor’s dogs, but honestly I have a little pride in the fact the boys can get the neighbors dogs really going.

  3. I wondered if Ziggy and Maui were driving the long haired wieners crazy! Just goes to show you how unready the apples are if the boys are using them as balls. !!!!

    • Nada

      Zig and Maui can drive them nuts. It is funny they were using an apple as a ball. I didn’t know they liked balls. I went to the pet store and bought a new pack of 3.

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