My new favorite website…

So funny. Put down your coffee. Set that diet coke on your desk because if you don’t you will laugh so hard that you will spray your computer with your beverage.

The site is called Dog Shaming, where people with dogs take pictures of them and then write a little blurb about what they have done.

Gonna be out of town for a few. Vegas, Baby. ‘Nuf said.



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10 responses to “My new favorite website…

  1. lindapolsby

    Tina – It is truly hilarious. Many thanks for sending it. Love, Linda

  2. Really funny. Have fun and stay cool.

    • Nada

      Oh boy. Really hot here in Vegas. I knew it but still I was unprepared. I stayed at the pool most of the day today. I love a good pool.

  3. Donna

    Brilliant! ;0)

    When you get back take a look at

    It’s a funny site.

    Good to hear you may be getting a new ball of fun. Hope it works out well.

    And as your off to Vegas… Make sure you don’t bump into Prince Harry… Apparently he’s been frolicking naked there.

    Donna :0)

  4. AZ

    Don’t cross any flooded washes! Win lots of money! Have fun!

    • Nada

      The Big Guy has won some $$ at craps and roulette of all things. Me? Donating to Keno like I like to do. Spent $15. That’s all I could stand.

      • AZ

        That was my $15 you lost, that’s what I’m charging you an hour for showing me the Dog Shaming link, I’m spending way to much time there. 🙂

      • Nada

        lol!!! I am spending too much time there too. Even in Vegas. I love the dog shaming. I love the guy who blogs it too when he got on there and told the knuckleheads not to make any comments about him being a bad doggie parent. I thought that was funny too.

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