Vegas Towel Camel

It’s hot in Vegas. Really hot. I think it hit 100 degrees. I spent most of my time at the pool today. And so did most everyone else. This is the Towel Camel. Not really. It’s actually a person who gathers up all the used towels. I have no idea if the person is male or female, nor how the person carried so many dirt towels. Or why?



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12 responses to “Vegas Towel Camel

  1. Wish I was there. Except for the heat.

    • Nada

      Going back to the pool now. Stayed up late wandering the strip, playing Keno, and looking at the sights and I do mean sights.

      • You lucky lady. The big guy also. Living close makes a weekend trip so easy. I like Keno, but Ceasars has cut it down to live games only on the weekend. They used to have keno runners everywhere including the pool, but no more.

      • Nada

        I know. I really miss the “old” Las Vegas. I miss the Keno runners. Call me old but I don’t like these electronic games. No money hitting the buckets any more. No people whooping. Still. Fun time. I love the pool here. I am mostly there hiding in the shade or swimming in the various pools.

  2. AZ

    Someone else’s dirty towels draped all over my body and piled on my head HEEBEGEBEES! 100° is cool you silly girl 122° is hot :o) !

    • Nada

      100 degrees is child’s play to you.

      I thought the SAME thing about those nasty towels. My cousin and I were both staring at a woman’s leg today as she lay on her chaise lounge in the sun. She had horrible dermatitis. She had just been swimming in the same pool we had been in. Did we get back in that pool. You can bet all the money in you piggy bank we did not!

  3. The amount of chlorine they probably put in that pool, you probably can’t get anything in that water. Think of all the old men with bad prostates peeing in there. See? You can’t smell that on you, right? Enjoy!

  4. AZ

    Swimmin’ pools and Jacuzzis are nuttin’ but large concrete bowls of ass soup. 😦

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