O’er and Out…

I’m going to NYC for a few days. Yup. Hillbilly. In Times Square. Y’all have been forewarned.



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10 responses to “O’er and Out…

  1. Hot nuts! I want to tune into that Times Square webcam and see you buying me hot nuts — live! Coconut is hard to find but mixed cashews and almonds will do me. 🙂 Thanking you in advance.

  2. AZ

    Ooooo tall buildings, lots of people, so may lights, big time traffic! Can you tell I’m a small town girl?

    • Nada

      I know what you mean. I never got out of the city. the plane broke down at the gate, and after all the flights had left that we could have jumped on they came on the PA system and said they were flying a part up from LA. I would have gotten into NYC at 2am. I walked up to the counter and asked them to refund the ticket to my cousin, who had bought it for me. And then, I went home. I am NOT a good traveler.

      • AZ

        Bummer, I’ve never been to New York, but given the opportunity I probably would decline just because it’s too different from the desert.

      • Sorry for you missing out on the trip. 2am is not a good time to arrive in NYC.

      • Nada

        Honestly AZ, the idea of going to NYC thrilled me but made me nervous. And Steve the idea of getting into NYC at 2am was simply a show stopper. On my own turf – maybe, but not NYC. I don’t feel like I travel enough to pull that off.

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