Make My Day

There’s been a lot of flak written about Clint Eastwood’s 11 minute speach at the Republican National Convention. Video below.

Critics are saying all sorts of crap about his performance, and yes, it was a performance. Me? I thought it was hilarious, and solid Clint. Love him, politics aside, of course.

After watching the video, I wished Clint would run for President. I think he has more sense than Romney or Obama. Plus, we need another actor as President. Reagan wasn’t enough, and then, he got senile, or maybe he was senile and Nancy was running the country. A lot of people are speculating Clint is senile now. Just pop him in the office. He’s bound to do a better job senile than those 2 yodeling yuks who are running on the Democratic and Republican tickets.

Okay, no, I am not voting this year. Per the usual. I can’t decide between the rock and the hard place. I will abstain and then complain. That is the ticket I run on – Abstain and Complain. Why? Because Southerners are professional whiners. Imagine saying that with the long “i” and a Southern twang.



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8 responses to “Make My Day

  1. That was super and the first time I’ve seen it.

    Like you I’m not a fan of either Party or should say the folks they have running. I will not vote. My choice. Way too many folks that are die hard Republicans and Dems that go strictly with the party line. Their right to do that. Politics stinks to put in my two cents.

  2. Big Guy

    Totally great speech, ya gotta laugh

  3. Donna

    I agree… The US definitely need an actor for President again.

    Jack Nicolson would make it all better. Especially If he dressed as The Joker all the time or started speeches with ‘Heeeeere’s Johnny’.


  4. AZ

    When I close my eyes and listen I’m amazed at how old he sounds. He sounds good in his movies I wonder if they have someone who dubs in his voice; or maybe memorizing his lines allows for a smoother delivery.

    • Nada

      I think when he’s memorized his lines he sounds way better. I read something somewhere that said his wife says it was typical Clint. Hilarious. Anyway, love Clint, but the presidential race? Not so much.

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