Hazelnut Trail in Pacifica

Hiked the Hazelnut trail Saturday. We only saw 2 other folks on the trail the whole time we were hiking. It went something like this. I had to pee. The Big Guy says, “I think I hear someone.” I think he’s kidding because that’s what he does when I have my drawers down around my ankles and I’m copping a squat in the wilderness. Only this time, he wasn’t kidding.

There were 2 fat guys rounding the curve on our trail with big hiking sticks. I’m sure those guys version of their hike went something like this: “We saw a full moon rising in the middle of the day. Scared us. We thought we might need our big sticks.”



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4 responses to “Hazelnut Trail in Pacifica

  1. That is funny, for the reader anyway.

  2. AZ

    You know urine trouble when… oh never mind, I used that recently. 🙂

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