1000 years of darkness by Chuck Norris

First off. This.

Secondly, Chuck, your gig is Total Gym 1000 (ahem, by you), not 1000 years of darkness by evil overlord Obama, who was elected in a slight by Evangelical Christian brothers and sister, hating Socialism. Say whaaaaaat?

Finally. I am not voting. I don’t give a rat’s ass. I’m not an Evangelical Christian either. I happen to think it doesn’t matter who’s President. He won’t keep keep his campaign promises, and it is only a matter of time before the country falls into economic ruin. There. Some cheery words from me – the eternal pessimist.

And really finally – is it me or does it seem to you the Republicans are stoking up the stove on comedic fodder. Seems like they’re going to be their own undoing this election. Romney started it I suppose unintentionally with cruelty to his own dog.

The other Repubs (Eastwood, Norris) are simply following suit.

At some point, somehow has to take this seriously. Right? Even if it’s the Dems.

Guess not.



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5 responses to “1000 years of darkness by Chuck Norris

  1. AZ

    Wonder what those two spend on Botox every year…

  2. Chuck is an okay actor like Clint, but they haven’t convinced me to vote.

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