San Francisco Ferry

The Big Guy and I went to Sausalito on Labor Day on the ferry. We wandered around the village there, scarfed up some ice cream, and then, motored back. I do love a good ferry ride on the bay. There have 2 main lines now – the Golden Gate Ferries and the Blue and Gold. They go different places. There’s not much signage about what is going on. The tourists complain. If I hadn’t been on the ferries a whole lot when I was volunteering at Alcatraz, I probably would have complained too. But here’s the deal. You get what you get. The boats are in shabby condition. I don’t care what the pictures look like on the internet. The main thing is YOU’RE AT SEA, Matie. Okay. Maybe the main thing is you’re puttering around on the water in a beat up boat in the sun. Still. It’s fun.



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4 responses to “San Francisco Ferry

  1. I sure wish they would have MORE ferries — and water taxis the way they do in other cities. I love a ferry myself. It’s the most calming way to commute to work. We need more boats!

  2. My wife has loved Sausalito since our last visit there many many years ago.

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