Our Carrot Crop

The Big Guy and I have been growing this carrot for about 5 months. Tonight he pulled it out of the ground, and took it’s picture. Then, I washed it and ate it. Without a doubt it was the sweetest, most delicious carrot I’ve ever eaten. Then, I got a toothpick and picked it out of my tooth and ate it again.

It’s a good thing the Big Guy and I don’t have to rely on our farming skills for survival. We grew some cherry tomatoes that you can use as golfballs. They are that tough. I was talking to the lettuce lady at the Farmer’s Market here and asked her where we failed, and what we should do with them. She said, “Slice them paper thin and put some balsamic on them,” and I would take her advice but I value the blades on my knives.

And so, we are going to be traveling some more, and this time we are really going to go because it will be by car, and we will not be attempting to leave town on American Airlines and one of their broken down planes. We are going to San Diego to stay in a cottage by the beach – not that I am not by the beach here, but this is a different beach. My cousin thinks I am going to some crack house. I find this disconcerting, and I’m not sure why she thinks that – maybe because I was supposed to meet her in New York City and bailed on the busted plane.

Anyway…tally ho. More later.



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4 responses to “Our Carrot Crop

  1. AZ

    That’s a mini carrot if I ever saw one; you’d have gotten more nutrients if you’d eaten the packet the seeds came in. My gardening advice is work your soil, add lots of compost, cultivate down 18 inches, water deep and not often, and always have your cell phone handy so you can say “Big Guy, stop at the store on your way home and get some produce!” Oh yeah, have a nice trip!

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