I yelled that sentence out the window of our car at this nice family as we were traveling home from San Diego on I-5.

“YOU’RE ON FIRE!” I screamed above the rushing wind as I hung my head out our passenger side window. I pointed at their back right tire – which indeed looked like there were flames shooting out between the spokes of their tire.

“PULL OVER! YOU’RE ON FIRE!” I was pretty certain.

They jerked the wheel of their car to the shoulder and we pulled off in front of them. I jumped from our car and ran like a stampeding bull elephant to the back of their car. There was a bag wrapped around their tire. Most of it was gone. Had it been on fire? Who’s to say? Looked like it had, but by the time I stormtroopered their car, the blaze was out, and I was left holding the tattered bag.

I had some ‘splaining to do to the driver and the passenger who both hopped out of the car and were staring at me. I must have looked like a crazy person. I was wearing the only clean clothes I had left from the vacation – a T shirt and a black skirt which was blowing up over my head with the wind from the passing cars.

I started with, “I’m sorry. I thought you were on fi-re.” And say it as I did, with a Southern accent.



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10 responses to “YOU’RE ON FI-RE

  1. You got a chucle out of me.

    • Nada

      It is funny now but at the time I was sure this pleasant little family who was in their mini van in the slow lane obeying the speed limit was burning up.

      “YOU’RE ON FI-RE!” The Big Guy and I have been saying that a lot now – to no one in particular.

  2. Me too :). Left holding the bag, eh? good one! And frankly, I’d rather have a crazy Southerner flag me down on the highway screaming “fire” than have thousands drive by thinking “oh, they probably know their car is on fire.”

    • Nada

      You would think someone else would have done something but then, maybe they were all caught up in driving. Me? I was doing what I do best. Staring out the window, looking for disasters.

  3. Donna

    That is just priceless! I read that as I was relaxing with a cup of tea… I sprayed it out of my nose I laughed so much and then started to choke.

    Still… Alls well that ends well.


    • Nada

      Oh dear. Hope you did not destroy the computer.

      I asked the Big Guy how I looked tromping down the shoulder, and he said I looked like I meant business. Of course, I wouldn’t have had any idea what to do if they really were on fire. I would have used my big mouth again probably – “GET OUT OF YOUR CAR NOW!!!” Who needs a megaphone?

  4. BigGuy

    If that wheel had really been on fire, Nada would have had the sense to evacuate everyone out of the vehicle while I would have been tossing little handfuls of I-5 dirt on the tire fire. With my head right next to the gas tank too. Yep.

  5. AZ

    Must be a southern thing because the Southern Boy (my ex) would never think of not getting involved when there was someone in need; he would tow disabled cars, fix flats for little old ladies, assist anyone pushing a disabled vehicle off the roadway, AND his speciality was keeping kids out of trouble. How so you ask. Whenever he came upon an accident and the police hadn’t arrived yet he would race to the vehicle and he would say: “Are you hurt?” Have you been drinkin’ or smokin’ anything? Where’s the beer and the weed? The occupants would always give up the location and Southern Boy would take all their beer and/or hard liquor, weed, and whatever they didn’t want the police to find in their car and put it in his truck. Then he’d drive to a pay phone (this was before cell phones) and call the police and tell them where the accident was located. He would then smoke and/or drink the evidence — such a humanitarian! Oh yeah, good for you for getting involved, I too would rather have some crazy woman, I mean good samaritan, wave me down rather than have my vehicle go up in smoke.

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