Let’s hear it for The Boy!!! And he’s a good boy.

When his human passed away, he went to live with our friend and vet. Now, he’s decided he’d like to be an only dog again, and we are looking for an only dog, plus we already know Maui and adore him. Match made in heaven. He’s been here visiting with Ziggy and he seems to like our place so on October 6th, he’s going to move over here with us. Love ya Maui! Muah.

I did call the foster who was taking care of Sophie, the little dog we had thought we would adopt. The foster was totally understanding. Thankfully. I don’t like to default on my commitments, particularly where animals are concerned. I’m glad she was so nice because we are already in love with Mr. Maui.



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10 responses to “MAUI!

  1. pant niece

    I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to meet him! Yay!

  2. pant niece

    I will write or call you when I get a spare minute and explain a bit.

    • Nada

      Ok. That would be nice. 60 hours is too much for any period of time. I know. I used to do it, and it takes a toll. Love you.

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