More Tiny Carrots

These tiny carrots took about 9 months to grow. But – they were the most delicious carrots I have ever put in my mouth. What gives? I was shocked the raccoons left them alone. The coons have been digging up my yard at night looking for grubs and gnawing apples off the apple tree. They are pests.



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15 responses to “More Tiny Carrots

  1. Cool photo! Looks like instagram. Did you drop an artsy effect on your carrots?

    • Nada

      My cousin put the tiny carrots on one of our coasters, and took the photo with her iPhone. I thought it was really cool. I thought about not putting it on the blog because how much can one keep writing about the tiny carrots. But I did anyway because the photo was so extraordinary.

      Tiny Carrots. Said it again.

  2. These look so cute. A thumbs up from a fellow foodie! ~

  3. Germany has major problems with raccons. They were imported from the states and just went wild. Love the carrots,

    • Nada

      Who would think importing raccoons any place was a good idea? They are a menace. They tear up the yard so much that I have raccoon clean up now every other day. They have bitten the neighbor’s dog and almost killed it. They fiddle with the garbage cans in the middle of the night. I’m fixin’ to do something really ugly with those boys. I feel it building.

      • Donna

        You could send the Raccoons to me… My other half thinks they’re ace. I think they’re quite cute. I quite like Skunks too and stroked one (called Noodles) at an animal park a couple of weeks ago. :0)

        In return I could send you a couple of Foxes or the darn Squirrel that Daisy is too fat to catch.

        The Carrots look good by the way.

        :0) x

      • Nada

        I will swap you raccoons for squirrels. Good swap until they get here of course and then, we would want to swap back.

        Noodles the skunk. HOW CUTE!!!! I patted a skunk once at the state fair and they had not de-skunked him quite right. My hand stunk for a week.

  4. AZ

    That’s a coaster?!? I thought it was a dinner plate — my my them are teeny tiny carrots, but on the up side I hear baby lettuce and baby spinach are the rage so baby carrots could follow suit.

    • Nada

      Really? Or are you teasing me. I would so love some baby lettuce and spinach. I can’t tell you how tasty baby carrots are that grow for 9 months into a dime size.

  5. “Tiny Carrots” – isn’t that a song? Maybe you could organize a Tiny Vegetable Contest. Why not? They have a Giant Pumpkin Contest after all. It could be the start of something big!

    • AZ

      Sign me up for the Tiny Carrot Toss, I bet I can lob one of them suckers at least 17.5 inches.

      • Nada

        That made me laugh. Not only are my replies all out of order but dumb ass wordpress didn’t tell me you all had commented. Sorry for the delay.

    • Nada

      The miniature veges. I think tiny pumpkins are so much more enduring that pumpkins as big as a buffalo.

      Is Tiny Carrots a song? Was it sung by The Rolling Stones? “I can’t get no tiny carrots?”

  6. Nada

    Sorry. I be the dumb ass, not wordpress. Your comments were in my inbox – on the next page. How hard was that? Not very, but I am THE DITHER HEAD.

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