Already in his costume



October 8, 2012 · 1:08 pm

12 responses to “Already in his costume

  1. Ready for Halloween (ie).

    • Nada

      Yes. All ready. I wish I could find a little flying monkey to strap on his back.

      • Donna

        Over here in En-ger-land we have a Tea called PG Tips… It’s promoted by Johnny Vegas and Monkey (who is made of knitted wool).

        They were giving away free Monkeys the other month… One of them would be ideal for a flying Monkey. You’d need to knit wings though and one of those jaunty hats they wore… But otherwise it’d be good. Monkey even wears a red T shirt.

        :0) x

      • Nada

        What the…? A FREEEEEEEEEE monkey made of that cool knitted wool. How incredible is that? I LOVE those knitted wool critters. I was looking at a possum (or porcupine?) the other day.

        Is PG Tips good? they carry it at our Fresh and Easy here which is owned by Tesco. I keep picking it up off the shelf and putting it back. I also keep picking up the Spotted Dick and putting it back because…’s called Spotted Dick and I think, yanno, there’s a better name for whatever is in that jar.

      • Donna

        Is Spotted Dick good? Oh yeah! It’s the best comfort pudding… Even better when smothered in thick, hot custard. Om, Nom, Nom!

        PG Tips is good too… I like good old ‘Cat Pee Tea’ where you scare the boiling water for a nano-second with the PG Tips pyramid Tea Bag and then drown it with milk and sweeten it with sugar. Not like most Brits who like ‘Builder Tea’ where it’s brewed for so long the spoon stands up in it by itself.

        Over here we also have Bacon Grill which is to die for, even if it is made out of the ass and lips of whatever poor creature it was once. Still darned yummy.

        See… I’m hungry again now…

        ;0) x

      • Nada

        I’m going to have to get some of that Spotted Dick then. But lord, what a name. Anyway, It’s Fresh and Easy where you do your own checkout so it’s not like I’m going to get the hairy eyeball from a cashier.

  2. PG Tips is too strong for you. Very caffeinated! My kind of tea. I think you might like the Spotted Friend though. It’s a dessert with custard and dried fruit. Good hot with cream. Although what isn’t?

    • Nada

      I may pick up a can out of curiosity. I need to go to F&E and get some of those easy peel tangerines. they have been really good lately. Wonder where they get them though since all that sort of fruit is out of season now in the U.S.

      • bakingnotwriting

        The citrus is probably coming from Argentina or Chile or someplace. I like the PG Tips so I can drink them when you discover they give you palpitations!

      • Nada

        ‘Nuf said on that tea. Not drinking it. Heart has been better – good yesterday until the end of the day. Wish the durn thing would straighten up and fly right.

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