Mau Mau

Though his real name is Maui, we are calling him Mau Mau and Mau Mau de Mau Mau. The nicknames have already started.

He runs like a racehorse through the house in the morning. Okay, maybe not quite like a racehorse, but you’d be amazed that a 10 year-old overweight dachshund can move that fast and that gracefully.

He has had me move his bed in the study to a place in front of the full length mirror. I catch him looking at himself in that mirror.

He likes our blue sofa but is reticent to get on it. He will climb on board when I have gone out. When I come home, I sneak up on the house and look through the front window, and catch him staring back at me from his perch on the sofa. By the time I open the door, he is off it, tail wagging, like “Nothing to see here. Welcome home.” He is Mau Mau de Mau Mau, and that is his throne. He shall use and abuse it as he sees fit.



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8 responses to “Mau Mau

  1. Our black lab wasn’t allowed on the sofa, but she’d get on it while no one was around. In her later years we’d catch her slinking off the sofa, or sometimes just find the warm spot where she’d recently been.

  2. Seems like a smart lad.

    • Nada

      He’s pretty clever. Last night he figured out we don’t care if he gets on that sofa so he jumped up there and took a little nap. No idea why he likes it. It isn’t all that comfy compared to his elaborate dog beds – yes, plural. He has 2.

  3. Donna

    Just had to share this with you… It’s called ‘My Dog: The Paradox’ and it’s hysterical. Well… I think it is as it seems to sum up my Daisy pretty well.

    Have a great day.

    Donna :0) x

    • Donna

      Eek! The link I sent earlier contains (within the cartoon) gratuitous use of the F word!

      Thought I’d best warn you as I don’t want you to think I’m a Tourette’s riddled Brit.

      Well… I am… But mines all internalised. Except when I’m driving. And then the full range comes out.

      Donna :0) x

      • Nada

        Stupid wordpress has these comments all out of order, but don’t worry about the F word. I use it so much I didn’t even notice. I had to go back and look again. I’ve tried from time to time to curb my usage of the F word and I have managed to do somewhat better but what the fuck.

    • Nada

      THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I’VE READ IN A LONG TIME!!!!!! Putting it on the front of the blog because some people don’t read comments

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