He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Dearest Joker was in intensive care last week for an intestinal blockage. I did come a bit unglued, but in defense of my behavior, he is one of my god children. No, the vet didn’t find anything, but he managed to resolve the blockage. If his humans had not gotten him medical attention so quickly it might have been a different story.

Little Joker is special. I know I say that about all my god children but that’s part of why they are my god children – they are special with special abilities. Joker’s ability, besides being simply downright adorable with a big broad head, is he talks. He understands English and he talks back, meow style.

When we went to visit him in intensive care at the vet hospital, he talked up a storm, trying to tell us what happened, what indignities they were doing to him, and asking could he get out of this jail. Then, he picked his paw up and showed it to his mom. It had the IV line in it. Joker wanted to make sure she saw that mess.

Thankfully, the lad is home now. This is a picture from yesterday. He’s looks good as new, dear boy.



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4 responses to “He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  1. AZ

    Poor thing, I’m glad to see him acting normal so quickly, if it were me I’d milk the sympathy for a good two weeks or more. 🙂

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