The Truth About Joker

When Joker was in intensive car, the vet ordered a barium x-ray. The radiologist interpreting the x-ray found “something” that is probably either lymphoma or inflammatory bowel disease. Either/or the drug treatment is much the same. In order to discover the exact disorder, Joker would have to have surgery, a biopsy, etc…not an ordeal an older, sick cat can withstand. And what would be the point? The drug protocol is much the same.

Here is a happy photo of Joker, where the little guy likes to sit and watch the neighborhood. His Mom tells me he was moving slower and talking softer yesterday, and he was hiding under the bed, which he normally does not do. His parents are managing his health on a day-to-day basis now, adjusting and improvising. They are calm and collected (I am not) with a vet in the family for consultation. My confidence lies in their vigilance. I try to put on a happy face when I see my Joker, because he reads emotions, besides understanding English perfectly.

In previous times, his prior Mom died of cancer, and he spent some time in a shelter while they looked for his perfect forever home. Thankfully, he ended up in the best possible place now with the best possible care.

Muah. Big kiss on your big broad head, my little buddy. Be strong. Take care. Eat up Mom’s home cooked meals – even the peas. I know. I know. Peas. But you need the roughage.



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13 responses to “The Truth About Joker

  1. Joker tells me it’s NOT lymphona, it’s not, it’s not. I for one believe him, after all, he knows his body best. Just to prove it, he is up and about today and feeling much better than last night. He jumped up on the bed this morning with a loud meow, then told me in a softer voice that the sun was about ready to come up and that he was really hungry and was hoping that it wasn’t too early for breakfast. Being the big softy that Daddy is, he jumped out of bed and served breakfast at 5:45am! Work it Joker, work it! Daddy was so worried that I was hiding under the bed last night that he ratted me out and told Mommy this morning that he got up and sneaked quietly into the living room and saw that I was sleeping in my “bone bed”, he told Mommy I was snoring away, but I think he was making that up! I keep telling them “I don’t SNORE!”.

    • Nada

      YEAH!!! Word from Joker. I’m so glad he says he doesn’t have lymphoma, and more good news is he’s waking everyone up for food. Okay, maybe not such good news for Mom and Dad. But I agree you work it, Joker. Work it for home cooked chicken. You’re the man. You can do it.

      I had no idea Joker snored. Sounds like my Big Guy saying he doesn’t snore. Everyone who denies snoring actually snores. I think that must be the general rule.

      So happy to hear such a good report for Joker!

  2. AZ

    I for one can truthfully say “I do not snore” everyone says my breathing changes when I fall asleep. And HOORAH for Joker may he live long and prosper.

    • Nada

      The little dear is doing really well. I went over to his house and saw him tonight. He smelled the dog treats (dried liver) in my pocket and asked for one. I gave him a tiny bit and he gobbled it up. He looks very good too – his usual sleek handsome self.

  3. Cats are crazy resilient. Go Joker.

  4. Sharon Vella

    He had a great time yesterday, although a little exhausting!

    • He had to wave his tail (only the tip) to all his admirers.

      • Sharon Vella

        Hahaha! LOL! Got the visual on that one. The cute part was, he of course was doing his strut walk with his skinny little tail straight up, then waving jsut the tip. Exhausting non-the-less.

  5. Sharon Vella

    oops! (sp), meant none-the-less!

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