The Many Mini Homes of Mit Ton

Dryer. Giving Bakingnotwriting “the tail” because she was photographing Mit Ton at his primary residence. How dare she? Paparazzi.

Credenza from The Giving Dumpster. Bakingnotwriting is getting the tail AGAIN because she is photographing Mit Ton at his secondary residence.




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8 responses to “The Many Mini Homes of Mit Ton

  1. You are correct that he doesn’t permit photographs. I’m waiting for the cease and desist from his lawyers to arrive any day now!

    • Nada

      His lawyers are very aggressive too…just sayin’. Yes, I tangled with him briefly legally over some sort of cat treats issue and ended up paying out the ying yang. Don’t wait for the cease and desist, for God’s sake.

  2. AZ

    Okay I gotta ask what are the blue magnets on the dryer for? To keep the door from closing accidently while Mit Ton is snoozin’?

  3. The magnets actually caused Mit to discover the dryer as a haunt. It broke, I put the magnets on there to keep the door shut, and the cat immediately decided to remove them. It never dawned on him to sleep in the dryer till the door broke. He’s a funny one.

    • Nada

      He works a lot around the house, removing magnets, staring at the dog, sticking his head in your mouth to check your dental work. He has many jobs. Taking the magnets off the dryer is just another one in his standard work day.

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