Never Fear, Maui is Here

Officer Maui at the Pacifica police station, looking for perps, or a squirrel out the window.

Officer Maui with his favorite co-worker. They bonded together like crazy glue at first sight.

He’s put in a request to drive the patrol car but for now, he works the station, looking for crime, and dropped treats.



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10 responses to “Never Fear, Maui is Here

  1. lindapolsby

    Tina – Officer Maui is absolutely adorable! Great uniform. Take good care. Love, Linda

  2. Really loved the post. Good job to both of you.

  3. Officer Maui prefers to think of them as “escaped treats”, and he’s bringing them to justice.

  4. Sharon Vella

    Way to go Maui! You show ’em how it’s done! Finally, in that uniform you just may get the respect you deserve!

    • He certainly did think he was part of the crew at the Pacifica Police Department. He does act all prideful when he’s in his uniform. It’s comical. Such a good boy.

  5. gcwriter

    Dawg! I am still screamin’ with laughter over this post. You are the MOST wonderful doggie-rescue human I have ever known. You also make me laugh harder than anyone I’ve known. How lucky is Maui to have found a home with you and how lucky am I to have grown up with an uncle who was not only the Sheriff in the little Minnesota County I grew up in, but who also had a series of “Maui’s”, and I grew up loving this ornery little dawgs! Thank you for making my day so bright. Love to both of you (and the Big Guy, too),


  6. Nada

    GCWRITER!!!! So good to hear from you. THanks for dropping by to read about my security guard. He’s an intense little fellow.

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