This was in my spam folder this morning.

I directed the leopard as well as hot yellow headphones designed for my little ones birthday. It was usually the one she picked out and in the event the headphones arrived they were not those that she desired or When i ordered. I would not have enough time to send out them rear and order a brand new pair. She said they were ok as well as she purposes them continuously. I was basically disappointed that your wrong product or service was routed.



Filed under general weirdness

4 responses to “Spam

  1. Vista de Nada Frys return? Your first complaint! Only problem: You didn’t ask the leopard to send the hot yellow headphones. That pesky electronics leopard!

    • Nada

      We’ve had other complaints here at Vista de Nada Frys but per the usual, complaints are ignored. We don’t care here at Vista de Nada Frys. You get what you get. If it’s he wrong product, simply be glad the batteries didn’t leak acid on you.

  2. AZ

    I’m at a loss for words… (that never happens!)

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