I have adopted a pot bellied pig

He grunts like a pig too…in his sleep.

The Big Guy and I went to Ross to get him a bed for the backseat of the car. The pot bellied pig loved the new bed so much that…yes, we went back and got him another one. He now has a new bed for the living room and one for the computer room. Don’t even leave a comment about us spoiling the dog. We already know. Tomorrow we are buying him a Ferrari.

And no, there is not a new bed in the car. We are using one of the old ones for when he wants to be chauffeured.

Sadly, the training is not going so well. He is a smart little bugger. He has figured out he can bark like a maniac at another dog, be quiet, then get a treat for being quiet, and then start acting like a maniac again. He is working my nerves. Right now, it’s a battle of who is more stubborn. Him or me? Not sure at this point.



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10 responses to “I have adopted a pot bellied pig

  1. AZ

    He’s so cute snuggled in his new bed! And you’re right he does have a little pot belly, but I’m not one to point a finger and laugh because I have one too! 🙂

    • Nada

      Yeah, I really can’t say much about the pot belly thing either. All my fat is right there. Well, at least when folks see us walking the neighborhood they will recognize us as the pot belly pig family.

  2. That bed looks fantastic! So soft. And yes, he is a healthy young man but that is the dachshund physique. They are stocky dogs. I think there’s a way to modify what you are doing so he doesn’t play you for the treat. Wait till the other dog is long past before you treat him, for instance. Make him wait patiently and quietly the whole time. You do have to keep upping what they have to do to keep the challenge fresh.

    • Nada

      That part all works pretty good. The part that is failing is when we have to walk past a dog behind a gate. He will pick a fight whether the fenced dog is barking or not.

      • Yeah — that’s a tough one. I’d make him walk quietly past the entire gate looking at you. That will probably take carrying two different treats and pulling out the some nice juicy ones for higher stress situations. Too bad he can’t do cheese! String cheese is easy to carry and very popular with dogs.

      • Nada

        That’s the goal – walking quietly past the fence looking at me. I could be holding a steak in my hand and Maui could care less if there’s a fenced dog, particularly if the dog is barking. He even goes after those that aren’t. The best I can do in the situation right now is grab the handle on the back of his halter. And then, we work from there. Usually the people who have the fenced dogs get tired of the ruckus, and end it by calling their dog inside, except Pluto. He’s so smart he just goes, “Oh, not this again, and walks inside his own house himself.”

  3. You had me going there. I’m still looking for the pig.

  4. BigGuy

    is that an open faced, soft dachshund taco or a pig in a blanket?

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