Security, not Groceries

My security officer was insisting that it was too dangerous for me to go out and get groceries today. He blocked the front door, armed with a stern look like “Don’t be a fool.” I countered with a treat thrown on the living room floor, and he quickly felt the precarious situation had corrected itself. I was allowed to exit.



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8 responses to “Security, not Groceries

  1. He was right, after all. He anticipated the rogue bagel bag situation…Clever Maui.

  2. AZ

    Little feller casts a tall shadow, and do you sweep your entry daily what a clean doormat!

    • Nada

      It looks clean in the picture only because I took the photo with my crappy phone camera. It’s not real dirty but certainly not as clean as my phone camera thinks.

  3. Early morning or late after noon shadow?

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