Snoring like a freight train

Honestly, I don’t know who snores louder – the dog or the husband.
If the dog were a person, I would take him to one of those places for a sleep apnea test, or have a GP check his adenoids.

I have the flu, and then, last night I got a migraine. Then, in the middle of the night I got an upset stomach from the migraine. THen, this morning I had an appointment to see the neurologist who gave me the botox injections to stop the migraines because my eyes are swelling shut. I am a mess. A constant one. I told The Big Guy to go on to work. I could make it to the doctor’s appointment on public transportation.

What was I thinking?

I had to call The Big Guy at work and ask him to come home to take me to the neurologist. And the good news is the swelling should stop and start abating. The migraine is gone though my stomach still says “NO” to anything but bread or cereal.

I just blew my nose. It must have sounded like an air raid warning because The Big Guy woke up out of a dead sleep from inside our bedroom that has the door closed and yelled, “What was that?”



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6 responses to “Snoring like a freight train

  1. Ha! What was that? Huh? That’s funny. And that photo makes Maui look like an adorable, plump seal. Sooo cute!

  2. He does look plump in that photo. I think he looks like a hamster.

  3. You should have told him it was a fog horn.

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