Bloomin’ Painting

These flowers have been blooming for weeks.
I can’t remember their name. Their stalks, not pictured here, are very primitive, looking like horsetails with appendages. No one ever need call me a horticulturist.

So, I’m painting today, yesterday, and tomorrow. I’m painting the exterior side of the garage next to the cactus garden where these flowers live.
There’s only a tiny space to walk, prep the wall and paint. I had vision of an actual painter bumbling through there with a ladder and destroying plants like these, and my cactus with hair. No, I can’t remember those cactus names either.

The good news is we have sun, and it is warm enough by 1pm to actually paint. The bad news is I still have the flu. This is the 9th day. I started ignoring it yesterday, so I must be getting better. Though I do have half a mind to go to the post office and cough all over those people, I am currently refraining. I may do it today though if I finish early. The last debacle with them is worthy of them catching the flu from me and suffering through box loads of Kleenex.



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6 responses to “Bloomin’ Painting

  1. You have the oddest ideas for things to do with the flu…

  2. We could use some of the warm weather, but you can give the flu to someone else.

    • Nada

      LOL! I went to the post office today, mailed a package, coughed, hacked so I’m pretty sure I gave them the flu. They deserve it.

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