The Hairy Cactus

No, I cannot remember his real plant name. I thought he was looking especially dapper today. Visitors often try to pet him. He is a cactus. He has stickers, and he will use them. A pretty boy with thorns.



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12 responses to “The Hairy Cactus

  1. Vicki Mills

    Good lord, it looks like It from The Addams Family!

  2. I could use some of that hair (grin).

  3. AZ

    Edgar, his name is Edgar.

  4. AZ

    But he also goes by Cephalocereus Senilis, Edgar Cephalocereus Senilis.

    • Nada

      HEY! You found his real name.. Cool. Funny his last name is Senilis. I can probably remember that because it’s close to senile.

  5. AZ

    The plant right behind Edgar Cephalocereus Senilis is Eunice, Eunice Euphorbia, but what variety of Euphorbia is beyond me.

    • Nada

      You found her too. I wish I could remember these names. Eunice grows in spurts but when she does it’s really fast, and she crawls up on the other cactus. We have to cut her back. Her arms are weighty too. I know the garbage collectors must wonder what in the heck we are putting in there.

  6. LOL. we should call him bob

    • Nada

      Bob, it is then, and he does look like a Bob. Bob had a rough night because we had high winds here. Fortunately, he is protect by the house and the fence from some of gail that went on all night. NOw? just a slight breeze. What’s with that. I was up most of the night because the wind was so bad but the fat dog HAD to eat at 7:30. No sleeping in.

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