Dog NOT Snoring

The dog was snoring like a freight train but every time I put the video camera down to his face, he quit. Imp.



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5 responses to “Dog NOT Snoring

  1. I gur\ess he realized your presence.

    • Nada

      He may have but I think he just snores sometimes, like the big guy, and then sometimes suddenly quits for not apparent reason. The dog sounds like he has apnea.

  2. AZ

    It must be one of those inevitable laws of life, when you want something to happen it doesn’t. I’ve always kept a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and the laundry room just in case of fire, all they do is sit on the floor, lose their charge, and get tossed out and replaced with a new one. As soon as I stop buying extinguishers my kitchen and laundry room will go up in flames in unison. That’s just how life works. If you stand over Maui and at the exact moment your camera battery goes dead he’ll start snoring like motor boat.

    • Nada

      LOL!!! I agree with that. I always keep a fire extinguisher in our kitchen for the same reason and always in the same place. I agree with you. Remove it and you’ll need it in the next hour.

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