Dragon Slayer

The soothsayer sayth, “There will be a wandering wiener dog who will come to your fortress. Let him in. He has been sent to save your people from the dragon who slays them.”

I was astounded, taken aback, but I had no reason to doubt the soothsayer, other than he looked like David Hasselhoff.

And as the soothsay predicted, a wandering wiener dog trotted to the fortress gate. We lowered it, and let him in. He stands guard now over our people, and has put fear into the dragon’s heart. He has also eaten quite a lot of turkey deli meat out of the refrigerator.



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6 responses to “Dragon Slayer

  1. You can’t argue with the prophesy of the Dog Who is Longer Than He is Tall. It is written.

  2. gcwriter

    aka He Who Must Be Obeyed.

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