The Dragon is Dead

Long Live Dragon Slayer!!!
ratOkay, so maybe that’s not a dragon. And maybe Dragon Slayer didn’t kill it. It looks like it crawled under the fence and croaked. I’ve been noticing my neighbor shuffling boxes around in his garage. I think he has rats…or DRAGONS! Dragon slayer to the rescue.

Dragon Slayer is on a new diet. He now eats green beans with his dinner. You would think he wouldn’t like them, but he’s an eating machine, and doesn’t notice the difference. We’re supposed to be brushing his teeth too, but I told our vet (and friend) straight up, I’ll do a lot of things for Dragon Slayer, but I ain’t brushing his teeth. At that point, the Big Guy said he would…but he hasn’t so far.

Dragon Slayer after a hard day of tending to dragons (dead rats), trying to get in the road to inspect a dead skunk which was stinking to high heaven, eating a chewie stick, and going on 2 walks. Not 1, but 2 because he won’t poop in his own back yard.

He is stomping his feet now so I must go – the first walk of the day.dragon_slayer



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14 responses to “The Dragon is Dead

  1. When I was a lad living in Oakland, I had a paper route. It took me close to Lake Merrett. In the early dark mornings I use to see sewer rats that were as big as cats. Scary rodents when one is trying to deliver papers.

    • Nada

      I should say. I bet that was the fast delivery in all of Oakland.

      This guy was huge though there’s nothing in the picture to compare him to so you get an indication of that. Plus, he had bite marks on him. I think the rat had a tussle with the neighbor’s dogs. There’s something else dead under the neighbor’s boat too, which is the same direction this bad boy came from. I only know that because the dog won’t leave it alone. He’s a dachshund with a nose that should be used for sniffing drugs. I’ve never seen a dog sniff around so much.

  2. Donna

    I’m glad that Dragon Slayer isn’t like Daisy… If he were you’d be scrubbing that Dragon from his armour for weeks, whilst holding your nose and endlessly cursing.

    But it wouldn’t matter, because a Dragon had been slain and surely us Humans should know that it’s a badge of honour for Dragon Slayers to wear as much as possible of said Slain Dragon.

    Sigh… Daisy likes Dragons. I think she’d like dead Skunks too.

    :0) x

    • Nada

      I’m sorry I laughed. Have I seen Daisy? Have you posted a picture of her somewhere. She is hilarious. If you have a picture posted somewhere, send me a link. I would love to see your Dragon Slayer who has to have a good armor scrubbing periodically.

      I think the car that ran over the dead skunk ran over the stink sack. The road has stunk for days even though animal control picked the skunk up days ago. I keep thinking when it that asphalt going to give it up?

      • Donna

        I’m not sure if his link will work – it’s a link to the Doodle Dogs photo album on Facebook; you’ll see a theme going on on there as she’s doing one of her very favourite things in 80% of the photos.

        :o) x

      • Nada

        Shoot. I tried but I don’t have permission. I will have to imagine doodle dogs. Thanks for sending the link anyway.

      • Donna

        Darn! It’s a shame the link is a bit Goofy. I don’t suppose it works for you if you copy and paste it, does it.

        I’ve emailed the link before to people… So if WordPress shows you my e-mail addy, pop on over and say Hi and I’ll send the link a different way. I just wonder if it gets it’s knickers in a twist sometimes. I know I do. Although today my pants seem to be twisting all by themselves and rolling down over my ever expanding belly. Sigh. Praise be I’m well out of the Thong stage or I’d be frontally and bactally garrotted.

        :0) x

      • Nada

        I have attempted to send you an email. Hopefully soon I will see DOODLE DOGS!!!! YAH!

  3. Growing up along the river in Michigan, our black lab always had the idea of dead fish as being in the category “good to roll in”. We’d always heard it was because dogs (being hunters) were trying to disguise their scent. So we always pictured a deer or rabbit thinking: “I’m being stalked! Oh, wait! It’s just a dead fish. No worries!”

    • Nada

      This is so hilarious.

      I have no idea why they roll. When I was growing up our dogs like to roll in cow poo but only certain ones. I couldn’t figure it out then and won’t figure it out now.

  4. Yuck. I hate rats. It’s the tail that does it. It looks primeval. Good image to keep in mind if the Dragon Slayer ever kisses his humans. 🙂

    • Nada

      Dragon Slayer and I French kiss. Actually Dragon Slayer didn’t kill that one. It looks like it was maimed by the dogs next door and crawled underneath our fence and under a bush to die. Dragon Slayer doesn’t have access to that area unless on a leash, and I wouldn’t let him under there. When a dog is that desperate to get under a bush, not good can come of it.

  5. AZ

    OMG! My Little Dog used to French kiss too! Not that I wanted to kiss another girl like that, but sometimes she’d sneak up on you and BAM you got Frenched by a dog. I’ve seen sewer rats in Phoenix during hard rains they are very large, and I suspect they smell a little pooish if they live in the sewer system, but I’m not gonna check because I don’t wanna get caught sniffin’ rat butts. It’s bad enough being the “crazy rabbit lady” without being the “crazy rat butt sniffer lady.” I post a picture of Daisy on your FB page, the link worked fine for me. Very cute dog Donna!

    • Nada

      Thank you very much for posting the picture of Daisy, you crazy rabbit lady, and thankfully not the sewer rat butt sniffer. YUK! Even typing that made ma a little queazy.

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