Grand Canyon

This is a photo of the road as my cousin and I traveled to the Grand Canyon on Thursday. Was I scared? Yup. And it got even worse.
But we made it and this was the view today. Spectacular. Still snow on the trails but we walked them. Views were breathtaking and yes, every once in a while I did a quick slip on some ice.



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6 responses to “Grand Canyon

  1. WOW!!! So beautiful! Stay warm.

  2. AZ

    I’m always amazed at my reaction to the Grand Canyon; it is so breathtaking that it doesn’t seem real. I think I utter the same words every time I peer into the canyon: “Damn, that’s a big hole!”

  3. Super. I would prefer to visit in summer. You are brave.

    • Nada

      I can understand why. It is really crowded in the summer. Not a whole lot of folks there when we went – a plus. But honestly, the blowing snow scared the be-jesus out of me.

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