From my local Safeway to you

Not “breakfast cereals”. Not “coffee. Not “meat”. No the Safeway is now selling “incontinence.” Hurry, it might not last. incontinence



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11 responses to “From my local Safeway to you

  1. I guess that is the Safeway.

  2. But all I can see are Trojans in the photo! Someone over at Safeway is confused about Incontinence, or maybe they have just lumped all of the shameful stuff in one aisle.

    • Nada

      OMG!! I did not even notice that. Made me really laugh then. they should just change the sign to “Shameful Shit.”

  3. Aisle of Shame!!! All caps, if possible, instead of all smalls, as they have it.

  4. AZ

    The Safeway food ads never advertise “Shameful Shit” they are really missing out on a great marketing tag line. 🙂

    • Nada

      I agree. They should say, “We have all that stuff that makes your face turn red when you check out – Trojans, adult diapers….Come on down and have the cashier yell over the intercom for a price check on your adult diapers.”

  5. AZ

    Safeway Your Shameful Shit Headquarters! I like it!

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