More Bloomin’




April 21, 2013 · 10:22 pm

4 responses to “More Bloomin’

    • Nada

      thanks. from my phone. 2 mg pixels are okay for the blog. I swapped phones again to get a better camera. They say the thing to do is get an iPhone 4 and then switch my service onto to but that’s a smart phone and my general policy is don’t buy a machine smarter than yourself.

  1. AZ

    I must own the only cacti in the world that refuses to bloom! My pad-type cacti bloom like crazy, but the ones like the one you pictured have never bloomed. Well, I’ll take that back I think one cactus put out one flower in 10 years. I think I’m cacti challenged.

    • Nada

      When I lived in Phoenix, none of my cacti bloomed. Right now I look like I have a flower garden in the cactus garden so many of them are blooming.

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