Kaiser Permanente with No Medical Services

Does anyone understand this lit up billboard? It’s posted inside the Metreon on Mission in San Francisco. Kaiser Permanente is one of the bigger hospital chains around here. Not sure when they started offering “NO MEDICAL SERVICES.”



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6 responses to “Kaiser Permanente with No Medical Services

  1. AZ

    Hells bells that doesn’t make any sense to me — why would a hospital provide “no medical services.” That like a gas station that doesn’t sell gas, or a donut shop that only sells cabbage rolls, or a… well, you catch my drift. I’d call and say “whassssssss up?”

    • Nada

      I’m hoping they have a web crawler and come by. Either someone making the sign had an ax to grind with them or they have a problem understanding that their name on that sign is linked with “NO MEDICAL SERVICES” in capital letters. I want to blame their PR department, but who is that (I know if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all but I am anyway) stupid?

  2. Ha ha! Maybe they mean, don’t be showing up to the Metreon expecting a colonoscopy!!!! Just movies, OK? It must be a legal thing — if you so much as mention your hospital in an ad you have to make it clear — NOT HERE! Do not sit in the Metreon with your running sores. No one is coming.

    • Nada

      LOL! I’m sure that’s what they meant but they should add something like “No medical services at this location.” Dumb asses.

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