The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of San Francisco

I don’t know what this building is. I should and I probably did in the not to distant past but I can’t remember it. It’s on a cut through from Market to Mission when I was going to the relatively new Target in the Metreon.

This red ball was some sort of experiment an artist was conducting. It was sponsored in conjunction with out lottery Powerball. The artist’s videographer asked me how I felt about it. I said, “It’s dirty and hanging over a dirty BART entrance.” Honestly if I had my knife with me, I’d have given it a poke on the backside where they weren’t filming.

This is a garbage can on Market – dead center shopping district. People are walking around pretending they don’t see this gross crap. There was a city worker there with a shovel trying to remove this nasty mess on a Sunday. I give him and the city credit for that, but why does it have to get this way. San Francisco is a dirty town.



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5 responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of San Francisco

  1. It’s a pity, but cost more than they want to spend to keep it clean.

  2. Nada

    I’m sure. But people living around the city would come in there more but it really is nasty. At least the BART is attempting to clean up their act by replacing their dirty seats and carpets. It’s like the overflowing filth in the city is acceptable. Homeless sleeping in the middle of the sidewalks are acceptable. People panhandling all the tourists is acceptable. They have all these bright, clean, shiny stores on market, but once you step outside of them it’s the underworld.

  3. It’s a dirty city and it’s cold. All the time.

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