WTF 2?

Umm, I never used tags so I don’t know what I was talking about in the post below.

Tomorrow I am going to Goodwill to buy a used brain. Are they open on Sundays? Or are they off talking about hell and Baby Jesus somewhere. I hope Goodwill is open. I also hope the used brain doesn’t smell funky like the stuff at Goodwill does sometimes. Sometimes you have to bring it home and push the “Scald” button on your washing machine and wash the Goodwill item before you can wear it.

Some stuff smells like old person – which as you know may never go away unless you use 1200 dryer sheets.

So, my vision is better. The botox the neurologist tried for the migraines should have worn off about a month ago. It has not. I can only raise my eyebrows a little bit but the eye muscle is better where the botox seeped into it. I can see mostly. And read again. Most of the time.

Going to bed now. Either the dog is dead or in a deep sleep. His hair is still missing from his rump where he backed into a cactus and got 3 needles stuck in his butt. He went to work on them before we figured out his issue and had a little bit ‘o surgery on his buttocks. He is missing a patch of hair now. He’s so embarrassed too. I’ve never met such a proud dog either or one with such a long nose or one that is so stubborn or one that demands so many treats or one who paws are so wall eyed. He doesn’t want to love me but he can’t help it. I am the only one who will scratch his back until his tongue goes in and out of his mouth like he’s having a seizure.

And I can say that. I’m an epileptic. I can also make fun of cancer and brain tumors. You cannot if you haven’t had them. Okay, you can but everyone will think you are a callous asshole whereas people think I am being “brave.” People are nuts. I make fun of everything.



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12 responses to “WTF 2?

  1. So glad you are laying down the line so clearly about what can be made fun of and by whom. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed the post and glad your sight is better. Laughed about the dog.

    • Nada

      The dog is a character. He’s mad at both of us and refused to sit in the room with us tonight because we gave him a bath. Hopefully he will forget about it tomorrow but who knows.

  3. Ha, v.funny about the dog!

    • Nada

      I still don’t know how he got cactus needles in his rump. I’m always in the yard with him. Stabbed in the ass

  4. AZ

    Yes, Goodwill is open on Sunday, or they are in Arizona anyway. I just recently started using “tags” on my photographs because when you have a Brazilian of them you have to find a way to retrieve them, so I “tag.” For example, I take a picture of a rabbit so I identify that rabbit with the following tags: Tiny, Kicker, Hoppy, rabbit, and wildlife, so when I need to see my rabbit pictures I type “rabbit” in the search field and all the rabbit photos are selected and show on my pooter screen; if I just want Hoppy’s pics then I type “Hoppy” in the search field. It makes locating your shit so much easier than going from folder to folder. Sorry Maui got thorn butt, hope he heals quickly. You mean I can only make fun of maladies I’ve suffered?!? Dang kidney and gall stones aren’t yuk yuk funny.

    • Nada

      No we were joking. You can make fun of anything…but cancer jokes are hard to pull off.

      Sorry I didn’t respond to this. I was never notified. Happened on about 5 comments.

      I don’t understand the difference in tags and “filed under.” Plus my memory is shot – totally. I think even if you told (or maybe you have) I won’t remember and I’ll ask again.

      If I file something under a certain category on wordpress, it will act the same as what you described on FB for tags. I have just assumed you are talking about FB. Do you have a blog too now?

      • AZ

        Geez, responding to your July 31 comment on August 22, how’s that for slow. I don’t do FB tags that’s all to confusing for me, I’m talking tags on my photos using Windows Picture Library. No I do not have a blog, I still have commitment issues regarding how could I possibly come up with an interesting post daily, or weekly for that matter, AND there’s the issue of my rampant typos I mean do I really want to advertise what a lousy speller I’ve turned into? I think knot. 🙂

  5. Nada

    LOL on the knot. You could have a blog and just do what I do…never write in it.

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