Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

While some dogs are accidentally being trained to come to farts, others have been trained to sniff out bedbugs at Goodwill. How exactly does a dog sniff out a bedbug? And couldn’t the bedbug jump on said sniffing dog and then, take said bedbug home with him and viola, another infestation. My solution is to burn both the warehouse. To the ground. Have a controlled burn. Get the fire departments involved. Let them bring their Dalmatians, who have no purpose other than to bark non-stop.

Order of importance in these dogs
1) Bedbug sniffers
2) Dog accidentally trained to come to farting
3) Dalmatians



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4 responses to “Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

  1. The dogs who come when you fart should be the number one dogs. I think the lack of effort involved in getting them is amazing — and miraculous. Kudos to these clever dogs. (Maui)

  2. Knock on wood, I have never stayed in a place with bed bugs.

    • Nada

      Bedbugs are epidemic proportions here in the states. They give me the creeps. My cousin stayed in a place and got gnawed on. She had to toss some of her stuff when she got home and I told her to get rid of her mattress.

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