Lake Merritt

Millions of dollars have been spent “redoing” Lake Merritt. There’s a waterway, an estuary, new grass and wonderful walkways. And then, there’s sofa dumped on the walkway. This couple is enjoying it on a nice sunny day. I asked before I could take the picture. They said “yes” and laughed. All I can think of now is the sofa probably has bedbugs. (See below)



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5 responses to “Lake Merritt

  1. She’s baaaack! Proud to have been on this walk with you, Ms. Simms.

  2. I have fond memories of fishing in Lake Merritt as a lad.

    • Nada

      It is really pretty Steve what they have done. I was amazed. You will have to see it if you ever come to Oakland.

  3. AZ

    I won’t sit on furniture at Goodwill much less something someone has tossed to the curb. HEEBEE JEEBEES!!!

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