My neighbor’s garage

Ick and an OCD person’s nightmare. Right next door. AND this is after he “cleaned it” about a month ago.

Leave the door down, Buddy. Geez.



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8 responses to “My neighbor’s garage

  1. AZ

    LOL! That is my neighbor’s garage too, like how much crap is enough.

    • Nada

      All that junk makes me twitch. How can you look at that every time you do the laundry AND he’ll leave the door up for long periods of time like “Look at this. I’m running a mayhem show.”

  2. I find this crap annoying too! And it seems like here in Houston most residents feel the garage is used for that and not their vehicles (unless they’ve put ones in there that don’t run).

    • Nada

      That’s what they do here. Seems like about half of the garages have dead cars in them. Why? Drive it or junk it. Yuk.

    • Nada

      No. It would take him 2 years to unload the junk on top of it. He has a dead boat he keeps over next to our fence. Someone in the neighborhood turned the boat in and it got cited. The neighbors with the boat thought it was us that turned them in because we are not on the best of terms with these people. But it wasn’t us. Anyway, the dead boat has a flat tire and pushed on our fence so badly it actually was poked out at a joint. I asked our landlord to call them. The gross part about the boat is neighbor throws garbage in it – like empty water bottles, packing peanuts. I’ve had to pick this stuff up because it blows all over the neighborhood in a bad wind. They be fools. I keep hoping they’ll die or move. Nice, huh?

  3. I can live without a neighbor like that.

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